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About me


When I was four, people asked me what job I wanted to have if I was a grown-up; my answer was an artist. This answer hasn't changed ever since.

About three years ago I discovered ceramics, I directly knew this was what I wanted to do. I have mostly concentrated on throwing on the potter's wheel. I like this very much because you can make a lot of different forms and objects. Also, it's possible to make the pot perfectly round and right, which I like because I'm slightly perfectionistic.

I sometimes sell my pots on a market. I really like Christmas markets, because I like Christmas and I like the festive atmosphere. I also have an Etsy-shop, you can look if you'd like to. And you can find me on YouTube where I show how I make my work.

Moreover, my name is Calder and I'm 17 years old. I live in the Netherland, in a small village called Babyloniënbroek. I'm still in high school, not my favourite activity, but luckily, I have enough spare time to spend on my hobby: pottery!!

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