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Most of my work is made on a potter's wheel. After throwing, the piece has to dry some time to become leather hard. When it's hard enough I trim the pot. I place the pot upside down on the wheel, and with special trimming tools I make a nice foot or bottom. This is also the time to add some texture and ears or handles if wanted.

When the piece is finished it takes up to two weeks to become dry enough to fire. I always fire my pieces twice. The first time is a bisque fire with a temperature around 1020/1040 degrees Celsius. After the bisque fire, if everything has survived, it's time to glaze. I love to use all different kinds of techniques. I use vibrant colours in a way that they add a little extra something to my pieces.

The second time I fire to stoneware temperature, around 1220 degrees Celsius. This makes the pieces strong, durable, waterproof and suitable for the oven, microwave and dishwasher. I use lead free and food safe glazes.

Here some techniques I like to use. If you're interested in how I use these techniques, please subscribe to my tutorials on YouTube.